As home business owners and Networkers we all know that there’s no secret to success in network marketing- when you want your business to grow, you have to go into a 30  to 90  day recruiting sprees! New people bring new activity and growth.

One of my goals for this year is for my Network Marketing business! To recruit a minimum of 5 new distributors per month! How? The only way to see what works and what does not is by tracking my daily activity goals for the next 30 days (November 1-30) and do it every month thereafter.

My goal is to talk to 5 NEW people on my list or when I’m out every day (not calling back the same people, but calling 5 new people that I’ve never spoken to before, in addition to following up with others). Why?

The numbers work like this:  if you invite just 5 NEW people per day to hear more about your business  you would have generated 35 invites per week –on  average, this would lead to 3 to 5 who agree to join you on a  phone call or Skype , or coffee, or to join you at an event.

On average, 2 out of those 5 will usually enroll to build. If you did this each week, this would lead you to 8 new partners per month–and about 96 per year, and 192 over the next 2 years.

Can you imagine the potential of your business in 2-3 years time? On average if you enrolled 100 over the next 2-3 years, in 4-5 years you could likely generate a multi-million dollar organization with a potential 6-figure or more income (based on industry averages).

Of course, you must remember that your results will vary depending on your progress, pace, and the progress and pace of those who join you too!

I want to challenge YOU to invite 5 new people each day to take a look at what you do! Now you’re thinking “okay, so who do I talk to and what do I say?”, right?

The question is never “where” to find people (we are surrounded by people) the questions is if you are “willing” to talk to them, and invite them to learn more about your business…EVERY DAY!

If you want your business to grow to its full potential it’s time to get into massive action–reach out and invite 5 NEW people each day (get out and go where the people are- reach out to your list- reach out to people on Social Media- create relationships) and invite, invite, invite!

I am taking this 30 day challenge to grow my business online! Anyone else wants to join me?


Let’s start (November 1) and go for 30 days (till November 30) And if you’re business is totally rockin’, continue the same strategy for the next 60 days!

FIND AN ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER to take the challenge with you! Share this with them, and text each other your stats each day, and set a time to talk about your results, and share best practices each week!

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