8 tips to get influencers to notice you

We all love following certain people especially when we connect with their methods. The hard part is getting their attention.

Here are 8 tips that can help you:

1. Creating content that is better than your competitors. Yes, create content that people will want to share.

2. Set up a notification or add their blog to your RSS feed to make sure you’re one of the first to share their content after it’s published.
This will help them identify you as an influencer – and increase the chances they’ll return the favor and share your content as well.

3. Link to your influencer’s content from your own pages, and they will see your domain show up in their backlink analysis.
They’ll probably get curious about the context of the link and click through to your site.
At the same time, if your links start generating real traffic for their blog, that’s a favor they may want to return.

4. Write a blog post that features your influencer or their site. Then reach out to them and tell them they were featured. Provide a link to the post to make it easy for them to share.

5. Target influencers to draw in people who are looking for influencers themselves, or who want to build partnerships for other reasons. Doing this will increase the chances that they reach out to you, because they want to appear in your content.

6. If you’re looking to get the word out about a product or service you offer, try giving your influencers a free sample, a sneak peak, or a free trial. Make sure whatever you offer is exclusive. Influencers will be less enthusiastic about a free trial if it’s available to everyone.
Giving an influencer exclusive access to your product or service encourages them to write a review about it and share their experiences, especially if the product piques the interest of their own audience.

7. The best bloggers (and influencers) make a habit of responding to comments and questions on their blog posts.
Be a conversation starter by commenting on their blog posts – your influencer will appreciate it. Make sure you have a clear name and photo on your Gravatar account, so the influencer will recognize you on other platforms as well.

8. Follow them on other Social Networks. Repinning their pins on Pinterest or rescooping their curated content on Scoop.it will make it easier to stand out, since there’s less engagement noise on these platforms. And seeing that you follow all their social profiles will show them you have real interest.